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We are what we habitually do. ~Aristotle

I like everything. This results in being interested in almost everything.

Serial interestedness has resulted in pages started, abandoned, and ocassionally revisited at blogspot, Google+, tumblr, Stumbleupon (Only discoveries are there now. Most of that has been moved here), Wordpress, Pinterest, Twitter, Houzz. And yet, strangely, not every person who has my name is me. I am not the only person with my name on Facebook and I am only there for friends and family. I am never on usenet. Sometimes I go back to IRC where I made many warm friends on #solaris, #apache, and #oracle, but alas you can never go home again. I also have two million-dollar cats. No, they are not for sale.

In earlier lifetimes this lifetime, I worked as the senior case supervisor at a residential drug rehabilitation center. Then I worked in software QA for 15 years. Now I have my own business making reproduction William Morris and William De Morgsn tile. It'd all good.

The right brain me thinks all this is important and will change the world. Actually, I think anything can change the world -- it's the intention that counts. The right brain me also thinks about stuff during those short snatches of time while software compiles and deploys, and while automation runs. Some of the things I have thought about appear below, in no particular order.

What matters: Love more than power, respect more than affection, forgiveness where it is wanted, and good will where it isn't. Speaking one's own truth where there are ears to hear it. Bearing silent witness where there is none. Not giving up on the people we love. Forgiving ourselves when others can't.

The analytical me is goal driven. The artsy me likes getting there. Where am I going? Probably here:

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No pattern should be without some sort of meaning. ~William Morris

Current obsession: William Morris Tile, Morris & Co, and the beginnings of the Arts and Crafts Movement - More Morris articles here.

Solace Poetry is to serious poetry as pornography is to serious art. ~Daisy Fried

  A couple poems

The Goddess of What I Wanted to Say

Fairy Tales are the Myths we Live By

Original Art Passions Fairy Tale site (links to prints, blogs)

Character forms a life regardless of how obscurely that life is lived and how light falls on it from the stars. ~James Hillman

 Notes on some Hillman lectures I have attended

 The Gestalt of Paranoia - A review of James Hillman's Eranos lecture, On Paranoia

Craft is what I do all day, art is what I have at the end of it. ~Harlan House

How to Make Ukrainian Easter Eggs

 Functional Streaming Media for the Masses

 Beyond Exorcism - New Approaches to Entity Handling - An alternative to traditional views on entities and multiple personality disorders

 Memories, We Don't Need No Stinkin' Memories - Book review of Ofshe and Watters Making Monsters

 The Desperate Need for Beauty

 Theologians Against Religion - Greg Singleton claims to have been teaching history since there wasn't any. I like this article so much I include it with my own.